Fluid and Bones is the home studio of Clare Luiten, Dancer, Bodyworker, Artist.


I have an 18 year history of working with movement wellness with people.  Constantly refining my practice is a path to staying inspired.  I am currently in mid training for a diploma in Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Training.

Originally I trained as a dancer at NZ School of Dance and later at London Contemporary Dance School.   The experiential rigour of Contemporary Dance Training, when combined with in depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology are excellent tools to staying mobile for life.  Like Pilates, which was used by dancers for decades before it became vastly popular in the early 2000's,  many of the other Somatic techniques and trainings, utilised by dancers are now being recognised as key ways to work with rehabilitation of injury.   I feel blessed to have had this in-depth embodied understanding of movement potential through my training.  


My official qualifications are a Diploma of Dance Performance (NZSD) Pilates Mat Work Certificate, (The Place, LCDS, London) Zen Thai Shiatsu Practitioner, and currently training in Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Training (Body Intelligence) as well as various short courses in a wide range of Body/ Mind related practices.  


After completing training in London, I went on to work in England and Europe as a professional dancer for seven years.  On return to NZ I continued to dance as well as work for and subsequently own Absolute Pilates in Mt Eden.  I have taught various body/movement courses at Auckland’s Tertiary Dance Institutes, Unitec, AUT, and Auckland University, and co organised the NZ Contact Retreat 2018/19.  As a mother with two kids, it suits me to work from home, mostly with people privately, and small groups, and work collaboratively on dance projects that interest me.   Opening up peoples movement potential and perpective never ceases to bring me joy, and I view what I do as being part of a partnership towards their wellness.


"Clare can tell just by looking at how you carry yourself where your body is sore, straining, stuck, or generally holding tension. She frankly knows more about your own body than you do! 

Over the past 10 years she has greatly helped my recovery from 3 serious traumatic injuries, as well as soothed the general aches and pains that are now part and parcel of 21st Century living.

She is an engaging , interesting character and all round good person - I'd definitively recommend entrusting your body to her good care!"

- Steve H


Clare combines her keen observance of an artist and her depth of knowledge of physiology and function to create a choreography of release.   Working gently, with skill and  humour, she invites awareness and active participation in developing  greater freedom and ease of movement. "

Rachel G

I am always blown away by how swiftly Clare identifies tensions and in my body and humorously gets me to slow down, until I feel calm and centred.


I love the fluidity of the treatment itself. It feels natural and harmonious leaving me feeling peaceful with a heightened sense of well-being. 

Sarah L

I was introduced to Clare by a colleague who saw my ongoing struggles with shoulder and neck pain. Over the course of our sessions Clare has not only worked miracles with this chronic problem, but also given me much greater understanding of my own anatomy and structure, as well as lots of empowering tools for me to incorporate into my own life-long investment in keeping mobile and active. The sessions with Clare quickly became a highlight of my week. Clare is a deeply intuitive & gifted artist, dancer and healer. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Becky N