Somatic Pilates 

Monday and Friday at 10am  

$28 per class 

4 People Only, Booking Essential


I am just starting to offer classes from my Home Studio.  It can fit just 3/4 people, which means lots of personal attention.  If you are interested in joining but none of my current times suit, please fill out your details below.

I was introduced to Clare by a colleague who saw my ongoing struggles with shoulder and neck pain. Over the course of our sessions Clare has not only worked miracles with this chronic problem, but also given me much greater understanding of my own anatomy and structure, as well as lots of empowering tools for me to incorporate into my own life-long investment in keeping mobile and active.

Becky N

Fluid and Bones 2020, 2/237 Sandringham Road, Auckland, NZ

Pilates Training, Yoga, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Zen Thai Shiatsu, Movement Wellness