Gently does it, change takes time, humour and repetition!    


Our Care Plan


Exquisite Care

People seek health support for many reasons.   Pain,  lacking energy, anxiety etc.

Our Exquisite Care plan addresses your needs so that life can become enjoyable again.

General Recommendation 

6 sessions of combined Craniosacral Therapy  and Somatic Integration within a contained time frame, ideally 3 - 4 weeks. 

We review your progress at the end of this time.



Enquiry Care  


Your long term health is deeply important to you.  You may no longer have any immediate pain related concerns, but know things could still be better.  


Enquiry Care is about establishing new pathways and self care routines, with support and guidance.  

General Recommendation 

One Session Per Week, with Home Practice building to daily.




Maintaining Awesome


So you are feeling fantastic!  Great!   We want you to stay that way!


General Recommendation 

Treatment session once a month to balance overall health and self connection.  We will discuss your treatment preferences and priorities.