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Wellbeing Treatments

The body is a connected web, from a molecular level to your full organism. When you approach movement and touch from this place, positive change happens!  

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy | Fluid & Bones

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is an extremely gentle yet profound healing practice. Treatments are performed on a therapy table using a unique light touch to the body, often to the feet, sacrum, shoulders or head.

Clients seek treatment for an extensive range of symptoms including pain, fatigue, and stress related conditions such as  difficulties with sleep and digestive issues and anxiety.  


Clients often experience more resilience, energy, calmness and mental clarity. A series of treatments is recommended and people often notice not just an improvement in their symptoms, but also experience greater vitality and  well being. 


Somatic Integration

Somatic Integration is highly effective in relieving chronic pain, and improving bodily function. Sessions are designed to bring structural awareness, mobility and integrity, to your system.  ​Initially you will learn slow and gentle movements designed to release tension.


Focus is then placed on building integrated dynamic strength.  In person sessions will often include touch as this can deepen the felt sense of the work.  Comfortable warm layers, large comfy blanket required.  


Sessions are progressive.  Available in person and Online.

Somatic Integration | Fluid & Bones

Zen Thai Shiatsu 

Effective, Safe, and Holistic Wellbeing Support

Zen Thai Shiatsu works with an awareness of the Myofascial System (muscles and fascia) and clear anatomical alignment of Bones and Joints. Fluid and Bones ZTS draws on the Traditional Energetic based systems of Zen Shiatsu, Traditional Thai Massage and Osteopathy.  Integration of the prime aspects of these modalities, create a safe, awake and caring healing environment. This is movement based therapy with a reputation of effectively dealing with issues of the musculo-skeletal , digestive and nervous system. 

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