Thank you so much Clare!  A new experience for me and it was beautiful. My whole body feels more together and so soothed.    Very nurturing.  I look forward to future treatments.


Really appreciated the different approach and range of practices, (dance, stretch, mush!) Feeling more open in my upper body after session.  Looking forward to trying the movements at home.  Thanks Clare


"Clare can tell just by looking at how you carry yourself where your body is sore, straining, stuck, or generally holding tension. She frankly knows more about your own body than you do! 

Over the past 10 years she has greatly helped my recovery from 3 serious traumatic injuries, as well as soothed the general aches and pains that are now part and parcel of 21st Century living.

She is an engaging , interesting character and all round good person - I'd definitively recommend entrusting your body to her good care!"

- Steve H


I was introduced to Clare by a colleague who saw my ongoing struggles with shoulder and neck pain. Over the course of our sessions Clare has not only worked miracles with this chronic problem, but also given me much greater understanding of my own anatomy and structure, as well as lots of empowering tools for me to incorporate into my own life-long investment in keeping mobile and active. The sessions with Clare quickly became a highlight of my week. Clare is a deeply intuitive & gifted artist, dancer and healer. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Becky N

Clare combines her keen observance of an artist and her depth of knowledge of physiology and function to create a choreography of release.   Working gently, with skill and  humour, she invites awareness and active participation in developing  greater freedom and ease of movement. "

Rachel G


OMG!  So beautiful.  Fluid unwinding, left me deeply grounded and soft.  Highly recommend.  

Jody S

I am always blown away by how swiftly Clare identifies tensions and in my body and humorously gets me to slow down, until I feel calm and centred.


I love the fluidity of the treatment itself. It feels natural and harmonious leaving me feeling peaceful with a heightened sense of well-being. 

Sarah L


Eased my neck pain, helped my stomach issues.  I feel calmer too.  I highly rate Clare