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"Thank you so much Clare!  A new experience for me and it was beautiful. My whole body feels more together and so soothed. Very nurturing.  I look forward to future treatments."

Clare is one of the most incredible practitioners I have ever come across. Each treatment is a full reset for my nervous system, and an opportunity to unwind patterns that are affecting both my physical body and my life. Clare has a wealth of knowledge that makes her a one stop shop, whether you're struggling with a musculoskeletal issue or deep trauma locked in the body. I feel incredibly safe in her hands, and the combination of intuition, skilled touch and a holistic approach is deeply healing.

Katie K

I started seeing Clare at Fluid & Bones after struggling with anxiety, backpain and headaches. I noticed a positive shift after just the 1st session with her. The change overtime has been significant, my anxieties and pains drastically reduced and I can feel an overall sense of restored wellbeing. Clare has a way of communicating with the body, directing attention where needed and doing it in a way that makes me feel comfortable and nourished. She strikes a perfect balance between passion and expertise. I absolutely recommend Clare to anyone interested in healing and self care.

Angie B

"Clare can tell just by looking at how you carry yourself where your body is sore, straining, stuck, or generally holding tension. She frankly knows more about your own body than you do! 

Over the past 10 years she has greatly helped my recovery from 3 serious traumatic injuries, as well as soothed the general aches and pains that are now part and parcel of 21st Century living.

She is an engaging , interesting character and all round good person - I'd definitively recommend entrusting your body to her good care!"

- Steve H

I was introduced to Clare by a colleague who saw my ongoing struggles with shoulder and neck pain. Over the course of our sessions Clare has not only worked miracles with this chronic problem, but also given me much greater understanding of my own anatomy and structure, as well as lots of empowering tools for me to incorporate into my own life-long investment in keeping mobile and active. The sessions with Clare quickly became a highlight of my week. Clare is a deeply intuitive & gifted artist, dancer and healer. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Becky N

Clare is especially skilled in her approach; very respectful, gentle, understanding, clear, receptive, and seems to always sensitively match and understand whatever I bring to our session, without having to use a lot of talking.

She offers a mix of modalities, a depth of knowledgeable experience and a lightness of touch.

Overall I appreciate how the process affirms the agency I can seek within myself for healing and understanding myself, and befriending my life forces, within a very safe therapeutic light space. 

Liz B


Clare combines her keen observance of an artist and her depth of knowledge of physiology and function to create a choreography of release.   Working gently, with skill and  humour, she invites awareness and active participation in developing  greater freedom and ease of movement. "

Rachel G

Working with Clare has truly been invaluable to me in so many more ways than I ever could have anticipated. Clare is incredibly intuitive, gentle, deeply knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. I have done craniosacral therapy with her for quite awhile now and it’s really helped me physically and emotionally to shift into more centered states of being. I’ve also done somatic integration with Clare which has helped me develop a deeper sense of my body and the way I move and given me so many tools to help look after myself better through what have been some very challenging times. I really cannot speak highly enough of seeing Clare and I’m so grateful I found her!

Sally H

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