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Imagine yourself moving with ease, feeling self confident, energised and appreciative of your body, your choices, and your life! 

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Somatic Integration Classes | Fluid & Bones
Somatic Integration Group Classes | Fluid & Bones
Somatic Integration Online Classes | Fluid & Bones

The Smoodge, The Hit and The Flow

Recently my interest has been focused around really investigating what it is I am doing during my daily self practice explorations and from that enquiry came the above title for our sessions.   


The Smoodge space is the spreading of bone and fascia and skin, in relation to itself, the floor with gravity.  It is breath and rest and internal space.   It accesses our proprioceptive and kinaesthetic awareness.  Stimulates lymphatics, synovial and blood fluids and the supportive actions of the parasympathetic nervous system.  Its our kidney energy, our rest and recharge, our connections to deep self.  


The Hit is conscious engagement with gravity structure and form.  We play with our bio-tensegrity, our Myofascial connections, the stretch reflex, exploring range and animal bodies.  We open our ourselves to action and activate the supportive role of our sympathetic nervous system.  


The Flow is the combination, the creative juicy embodied play and generous exploration of our holistic self our environment and the people we are with.  Full engagement and healthy activation of our social nervous system.

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These classes are excellent for releasing long held patterns in the body and finding new possibilities of embodied movement.