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Instead of all those Easter Eggs, you might like to come and dance for the weekend. 


A two day workshop based in Somatics and CI with Rachel Ruckstuhl-Mann and Clare Luiten

Each day can be done as a stand alone experience, or you can do both days for a deep nourishing of your whole person through physical and creative practice.

Somatics and Contact Improvisation.
Easter Workshops


In these two days you will engage with a variety of CI techniques, with lots of space to bring subtle awareness into your movement and partnerships.  Expect to find new ways into familiar practices, juicy somatic moments, and some playful and challenging tasks.  This is an opportunity to practice going deeper into the learnings through expanded Jam space.

Please contact Clare, or Rachel for further info and to book.  
Prices tbc - sliding scale dependant on resources. 

These classes are excellent for releasing tension in the body and finding and feeling new possibilities of embodied movement. 

Somatic Integration
The Art of Moving Slow

Sunday 23rd April
11am - 2pm

Studio Three - Level 1, 56 Surrey Crescent 

Are you feeling stressed or anxious?  Do you feel like you are rushing around all the time, and even if you want to, you can’t quite relax?  Do you have sensations of discomfort in your body and long for more ease energy and vitality??  Come and join us for The Art of Moving Slow.

In this world, much has become fast, and is geared for productivity.    Yet our human physiology, and spirit doesn't cope well with going at frantic pace all the time.   Slow time heals, is creative, it creates connections, honours physiological processes, and just feels really good.    


Within this practical, body orientated workshop you will learn a series of slow, easy to remember movements that gently unwind both body and mind.    They have been developed and refined over years and work to support injury prevention and recovery, and nervous system regulation.  Slow deliberate  interoceptive movements allow change to occur at deep levels of your system, easing the sore back, hip, or mind, and allow a deeper relationship with your own body.  


You will be working slowly and gently on the floor, and I recommend bringing your own favourite blanket, and perhaps a pillow to work with. 

Teacher:  Clare Luiten

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