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Craniosacral Therapy for Children

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

This past weekend was meant to be celebration weekend for one excited nine year old! My big boy was looking forward to a family dinner, followed by ice skating, followed by a family and friends fire on the Saturday night, and then, to top it all off, a trip to Jump with his school friends on Sunday. Super exciting!! And mum was patting herself on the back for being so organised!! AND THEN...he fell off his bike, a real doozy!!! All was cancelled, and I felt so glad I had the resonate skills of CST to help support the shock, disappointment and then healing.

From birth to early adulthood, children have many bumps, knocks, and falls, as well as mental/emotional challenges which all take a toll. It's amazing how resilient kids can be, and many just can get up, dust off, and continue playing. Until they can’t.

Occasionally some events need more support. Examples of these might be accidents that result in head injuries/ concussion, ongoing sinus/ear infections, or experiencing traumatic events.

In my own Craniosacral Therapy and Contact Care treatment that I receive, much of the time is spent unwinding trauma patterns from my childhood head injuries. Imagine if they could have been dealt with straight away rather then hanging about for 40 years, playing out there patterns.

Craniosacral therapy is an effective way to support young people that are having challenges. The touch is light and non-evasive, and sessions can be supported by caregivers, allowing young people to safety.

Some common symptoms in children which Craniosacral Therapy can help with

  • Sleep pattern disturbances

  • Digestive system issues

  • After an accident or surgery to assist in recovery

  • Migraines and headaches

  • Stress and anxiety management

  • Behaviour management

  • Ear or eye infections

  • Bed-wetting

Fluid and Bones is now offering Craniosacral Sessions specifically for children.

Sessions are shorter as children often process more quickly.

Initial Consultation: 45 minutes

Ongoing 1/2 hour

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