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Going Slow .... Why do it??

Well most of it is in the video, but for (slightly) more technical information on the benefits of Somatic Integration - the art of going slow - please read below!

Firstly, in this world, everything is fast, much is geared for productivity. Yet our human physiology, and spirit doesn't cope well with going at frantic pace all the time. We are designed to deal with stresses as they appear, and then calm down afterwards, but at the moment, in many peoples lives, the stress is constant, and culturally we are not giving value to the art of slow time. Time to let our nervous system settle.

Slow time heals, is creative, it creates connections, honours physiological processes, and just feels really good. I mean how satisfying is it when you have time to make a meal without rushing, for people who will eat it slowly, and chat and laugh with you, and then with luck do the dishes. Slow time is cuddles with your kids, with no device in sight, or to lie in bed and read a novel (OMG ultimate favourite). Or walk slowly on the beach, in twilight, my favourite time of day when camping. Slow time is vitally important for your health. We are nature. We are human. Rest is as important as action. I've bought these practices into my movement ideas, and whilst there is very much a need for active movement, there is also a requirement for slow, deliberate, interoceptive movement as well. I know its not as sexy, you can't pump the music, and have young people looking hot whilst doing it, and its certainly not a spectator sport, (well apart from a few movement obsessed individuals like myself) However, it's these spaces, of slow recognition of body sensation in which you can ease the sore back, hip, or mind.

But what about all this rolling on the floor? That's just weird!

The floor and gravity work together as one of the most powerful and patient masseuses' and body workers. Combined with your own loving presence and attention, you can bring forth your own bodies health through slow deliberate action. Your nervous system is amazing. Attuned to the smallest drop of rain, or tiny pin prick, a river of information is going from your body to your central nervous system, letting it know how you are every minute of the day, so it can combine just the right neurochemical soup to help you with the tasks you need to do. By going slow and consciously using the floor to press and squish, and push against, you highlight all your proprioceptive pathways, you literally 'light up' and become more spacious, more fluid. Rolling requires little effort, yet its fluid nature lubricates your fascial web, your blood circulation improves, which in turn supports all your organs. and your mind, your precious mind, gets a break. The floor work acts like a moving meditation. It puts a circuit breaker on the thousands of thoughts and worries, because you are focused on sensation. For those who struggle with sitting meditation, this is gold.

The body has a brain, we recognise its wisdom when we are able to complete common tasks without really thinking, flinch away from something that looks like it's going to hit us, or experience emotions. Patterns of use and response, physical, behavioural or emotional are etched into the canvas of our bodies, an expression of small daily life experiences, collected over time, by a very intelligent system that is there to protect us and keep us safe.

Sometimes though, we have habits, (I've definitely got my share) which no longer serve us. And being intelligent integrated beings, they are often expressed in our posture. Making changes to our physiological and physical selves changes our thinking and behaviour, and the reverse is also true.

As we make choices to change and grow it takes some serious conscious awareness, and is not easy. The process is slow, and in order to do it, we must go slow. Working gently and deliberately with our physiology we can unwind not just muscular skeletal imbalance but also any emotional cellular memory we keep stored, that is not useful to us anymore.

In the next coming weeks - actually lets be honest, it will most likely take me months (I go slow) Ill be posting a series of Going Slow videos for those that are interested in exploring this work. Whether you are dealing with flooding, family crisis, normal challenges of life, parenting challenges, whatever is going on, these may help, by way of centring and grounding you. You just need a square of floor, something soft to lie on, and quiet attention. I'm also planning to run a group workshop soon and I will keep you posted about that.

Until then, take it slow.

Breath in, breath out.

Feel how sounds enter your body.

Notice the air around you.

Take time to move slowly.


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