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School Holiday Reprieve.

Today I took a friend - mid school holidays - for a very informal Craniosacral session in my lounge. Im not sure who benefited most from the treatment. I knew that the session was a legitimate reason to send the kids off on their bikes for an hour, enabling some peace in which to be able to do this beautiful work. I could easily then ignore the debris of their play, as life giving and lovely as it is!

If you are familiar with Craniosacral treatments you will notice that there is a period of settling that happens, where the practitioner does not have their hands on you. This is when they are grounding and centring themselves. From this place on self connection, they invite the relational field of the person receiving the treatment. It is a beautiful space, and if you are a regular receiver of Craniosacral Therapy you can often feel things happening even before any hands are in contact with your body. This summer Ive been doing a LOT of meditation so this is a very familiar, spacious and peaceful space to be in. Once my hands were on, the other practice that is really key is to wait, and listen and not necessarily follow the first things that shows up in the persons system. This takes faith and practice, and is well worth the perseverance. Things shift in their own beautiful time, unfolding elegantly in ways that only the inherent wisdom of the body can do. I always know when something is moving in a persons system, as I tend to start swallowing a lot, and needing to regulate my breathing with long, slow exhales. The energy that has been held in the persons system, to hold an injury or perspective in place, is shifting, releasing its energy in a whirl pool, and takes focused centring to integrate its way safely back into a sense of balance.

There is something elegant and gentle in this work, and I hold a reverence for the capacity of the self healing nature of the body. Today, after much transformation it was as if we both settled gently on the bottom of the ocean floor for a while. Resting and expanding. Breathing gently like a manta ray. Resonant nervous systems, rejuvenating themselves.

So dear friend, thank you for giving me an hour of deep peace, watching the breath of life. I am, once again feeling blessed for having these skills of touch.

If you would like to book a session, or a Introductory Package of 3 Sessions, please see below. Enjoy the rest of the school holidays!!


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