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Somatic Integration / Art Practice

A number of influences, events, and people have come into my world recently and collectively the effect has inspired a deepening of my somatic practice, a searching inward, a drilling down into what I am actually doing, and more importantly, why?

Why am I drawn to this endless rolling on the floor, this practice I have labeled Somatic Integration, feeling sensation and tone in my body, focusing on breath, using visualisation to access my anatomy and physiological processes. Its not new, many people before me have done so, and many will after I am sure. It would be my life's' wish, that a practice similar to this became the common norm, that everyone could access on a daily level. Imagine that!!

Firstly its good to acknowledge that it is a practice, and like any practice, the more you do of it the deeper and more profound it becomes, with more detail and nuance. The things that I cognitively ‘know’ about anatomy, become sensate experiences, and that is extremely satisfying. Spending time unwinding the entire body with just breath, is such a beautiful, simple, and exquisitely profound experience.

There is the obvious physical release that occurs. Rolling and moving in this way stimulates the Myofascial, which in turn helps blood supply, having positives effects on immune, endocrine, and nervous systems. This is all great, and they are all wonderful things to have occur but Im not doing it for these reasons.

Im doing this practice because somehow it brings me home, closer to source, closer to my deepest self. It allows me to rest, to breath, to feel complete, to enable a being state, rather then a doing state. Essentially you could call it a spiritual practice. And that feels good.

In the process Im making clear choices, informed by my physiology. What feels supportive in relation to gravity? What feel pleasurable for my structure?

There are no should’s in this practice. Its unbelievable challenging to fully realise this after a lifetime of conditioning that any movement should ‘improve' us in some way. To move just because movement is a pleasurable experience. It is a sensual and creative, to move freely and easily, self connected to internal inspirations. Letting the inherent health and wisdom of the body and psyche to show itself.

The effect?? The monkey mind dissipates and ceases completely much of the time, and with that comes entry into 'the flow’. Ideas flow, words flow, images flow. Life feels creatively abundant.

Fluid and Bones runs private sessions for Somatic Integration. Group classes can be booked for groups of 4 or more. Please be in touch.

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